Monday 26 June 2017
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The Average Wedding Photography Rates in Beirut

 The Average Wedding Photography Rates in Beirut

You want to capture each and every moment of your perfect wedding, where two hearts are becoming one. You want to be sure that your wedding photographer is the best. You want to ensure that you get the right pictures for your reception to make it memorable in your wedding album at the best cost. Beirut offers many famous and professional wedding photographers who can help you with pre-wedding shoot, wedding photography, reception photography, and also honeymoon photography.

Finding a suitable life partner has become extremely difficult these days and so have the expenses on planning a wedding. It is tough for people to spend a bulky amount on wedding photography. But at the same time you would want the best photography service to shoot your wedding. Here’s some guidance on the average wedding photography rates in Beirut and the services expected of a professional photographer.

  • Pre-wedding shoot – You would want to capture the first memories of your beautiful new journey when the to-be husband and wife say yes to spend their lives with each other or the first smile the couples have on their faces or their stealing glances at each other, you would want it to get captured. The average cost for a two hours outdoor or indoor pre-wedding shoot in Beirut is $450. In this package, you get both photo prints and softcopies. This is the price of a basic package. You may also opt for a video CD.
  • Post wedding shoot – The actual bonding of the newlywed couple happens after the wedding and after all wedding events are over. You can get beautiful shots of the couple holding hands, walking in the park, sitting close to each other exchanging romantic glances, kissing and spending a memorable and fun time with each other. The average cost for a two hours outdoor or indoor post-wedding shoot is $450. This is the price of the basic package where transportation, venue and decoration cost is not on the photographer.
  • Candid photography and videography – Candid photography approach is the most natural and realistic form of photography. Irrespective of your emotional state and feelings, photographs and videos taken are very precious and display the most honest details. With a touch of artistic improvisation, these memories can be made forever young to be cherished. The average cost of candid photography for one occasion is $750. This includes 50 printed photos in an album. The cost for a two hours candid videography package is $750 and you will get the final footage in a CD. These are base packages. By adding the number of photos and hours of video, you will have to pay more.
  • Wedding cinema – You can get the precious moments of the big day clicked and captured in a 10 minute video or a memorable album. This is the traditional photography method in which the couple and the family pose and the picture is clicked. It is a token of remembrance of the special day of the couple which took place in front of the special guests. The average cost for a two hours video is $700. This is a very basic package. To even get the soft copy of the video, you will have to pay extra.

Depending on your budget for photography, you can choose what all kind of services you want to avail. If you have more budgets, then you can even select a higher end photographer.

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